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CHATPATAY Casual Indian Kitchen




We are a casual indian restaurant where we bring the street food straight from Mumbai Chaupaati to Charlotte.
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Great tasting street food in a great ambiance

At Chatpatay, we are inspired by food from Chaupaati, which is one of the most famous public beaches in Mumbai where food enthusiasts enjoy a vast selection of street food from the “Thelas” or food carts. The literal meaning of Chaupaati is Four Channels or Streams. For us, these four channels all start with letter F: Food – Friends – Family – Fun.
We are a casual restaurant, where we value your time and your passion for good food. We strive to provide absolutely great taste, in shortest possible time to accommodate your busy schedule. While you are here, we want you to feel home and enjoy our work of art inside the restaurant.


Journey to food, fun & facts

9211 N Tryon St #13, Charlotte, NC 28262
Opening Hours
Monday            11:00AM–3:00PM 5–09:30PM

Tuesday            CLOSED

Wednesday     11:00AM–3:00PM 5–09:30PM

Thursday         11:00AM–3:00PM 5–09:30PM

Friday               11:00AM–3:00PM 5–10:00PM

Saturday         11:00AM–3:00PM 5–10:00PM

Sunday           11:00AM–3:00PM 5–09:30PM

(980) 875-7775
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